Vrrrooom! Vrrrooooommm!
Turn your head towards the Cool Riders, that you may spot passing you by. No, they are not shooting any action flick with bikes…these guys are here to machao dhoom of another kind!!


We met 3 young mysterious men on bikes who set out on a “Wyld Voyage” every weekend and get back to their normal lives during the week.
All boys love riding motorcycles. So, whats new in that, one thinks! In fact they agreed.
These mysterious globetrotters are passionate about travel and bikes and this led to an idea of converting their passion into their work too. Well, there it is…a sure shot formula for success!

wyldvoyages5About half a year ago, Wyld Voyages was born.

A road trip , where a bunch of travel and biking enthusiasts gather their bikes and friends, loved ones, simply anyone, to explore new places at regular intervals. Wyld Voyages ensures that these road trips are well planned and work on a low budget. Currently, they operate ex- Mumbai for short weekend getaways, giving you a whole new experience by giving a naya angle to travel. If you love bikes, and exploring new places, short weekend trips, you don’t need go too far! Simply, join the Wyld Voyagers!

OCOW loved the idea!
“We started it with a sole aim of “creating weekend Breaks without burning a hole in your pocket. I have travelled across the globe and my travel experiences made me start this venture.” said Biker 1.

“The love of Riding Motorcycles and driving across the expanse of our motherland and exploring places undisturbed is what gave us the inspiration to make our passion into our profession.” said Biker 2.

wyld9In fact within this short span of time, they have already operated a first few road trips to Velas, Ratnagiri in Maharashtra.
Excitedly, Biker 3 joined in, “ We have seen a trend in the youth of our city, where they need weekend breaks but theres no “experience” involved and people are lost for choices or its the finances or both which does not enable them to actually go out and explore.



We are looking at taking Wyld Voyages to become one of the first commercial road trip organisers which ensures quality, at a fraction of the price and enabling people to enjoy something new and something different. Its all about the Experience!

We plan to tie up with Maharashtra Toursim board soon and this will get us access to places which aren’t easily accessible by common people.



Now, these bunch of biker boys who are all around 23-30 yrs of age have already done numerous recon trips to different parts of Maharashtra. They plan to create a niche for themselves in the “Weekend Break” market.


Aren’t we always looking for this? A new thing to do this weekend!?
So what are you waiting for?? Head out with the Wyld Voyagers, this weekend!

- By OCOW Diarist

wyldvoyageslogoTo know more about the next trip, visit  www.facebook.com/wyldvoyages
Website: www.wyldvoyages.in
Email: support@wyldvoyages.in