It was just another work day for me and while getting ready for work i was browsing through Facebook and came across a few obscene images shown on the “Kaaba” on Facebook which as we all know took Facebook as a storm. I at once told my mum about it as I knew this was going to turn out to be a real ugly scene at some point in Mumbai. I then helped mum understand how such things are done on the internet in layman terms which would then be helpful in case she needed to explain it to someone.
Mum and my Late Father Mr Ram Singh are a part of the Mohalla Committee Movement Trust Mumbai headed by Ex Commissioners Mr.Sahani Retd IPS, Mr Roney MendoncaRetd IPS and Mr Julio Ribero Retd. IPS. Mum and Dad have been in the Social field since 1991 and were a part of the peace committee since then and have been taking care of Zone 7 which is from Mulund to Ghatkopar. Since my Dad’s death mum & I head the zone.
Long story short My Mum that day was in Mumbra at a family friends place for a function and she received a call from Ex Commissioner Mr Julio Ribero Retd. IPS asking her to please come down to Bhandup as the situation is very tense and not manageable by the Police as a Senior Inspector Mr Shamsher Pathan from Antop Hill Police station was also unable to calm down the elders from the Masjid and explain to them how the person’s id was hacked and misused to disrupt the communal harmony. My Mum left from Mumbra at around 4pm and boarded a crowded local to Bhandup as that was the only means to get her to the place the quickest. On reaching what she saw was a sorry plight which could have led to a repeat of the 1992 riots. Buses were broken and 2 of them burnt. People of the Muslim community shouting slogans demanding the person be given to them for the indecent act. The elders from the community were then asked by Mum to come in for a meeting to the DCP office in Mulund.
Mum then at the DCP office in a meeting with the then DCP Sanjay Shintre IPS and the Elders from the Muslim Community and Sr.Inspector Shamsher Pathan sat down to a detailed explanation Mum gave the elders using a simple explanation of a ration card on how if misplaced and can be misused by someone. The Elders demanded for the boy to be handed over to them as they wanted to deal with him in their own way. Mum spoke to them convincing them to not take matters in their hands as the police and law was there to take care of such things. If matters taken into their hands it would only lead to a communal clash. Mum also educated them on how hacking can be done and how it works. Also informed those on how this Boy’s account on Facebook was misused from a Cafe and the wrong things were done.
After a long heated meeting of 2 hours of explanations and arguments the elders agreed to let the police deal with the culprit who was tracked down from Mumbra.
Thus resulting in an avoidance of an unnecessary communal clash.
A Short brief about my Mum Jenny Singh, 67, Born to British Parents in the year 1948 post-Independence as Jennifer Stone, youngest of the 4 Siblings. Married to Ram Singh, an inter-caste Marriage, an Indian Hindu by Birth. Has 2 Children Bernard & Danielle.
A Full time Mother , Social Activist , Women’s Rights Activist , Member Animal Welfare Board of India, Councillor , Animal Activist , Works honorary for Mumbai Police for all issues to maintain Peace in the Society and amongst all Communities. Works mostly with the Slum people and underprivileged helping with their well-being and children’s education. An Avid animal lover, Looks after and feeds up to 50 strays on a day to day basis with no donors help.

There was a contest running on radio as a part of the Sony Entertainment Television Mission Mumbai & C.I.D and i happen to hear it so called and informed them of above incident. They then called and spoke to mum who explained the issue and the end result and hence we were called and felicitated by the Sony Entertainment Television Mission Mumbai & C.I.D.
So after 28 years of her working in the social field with no payment she finally gets recognized.

-By Danielle Singh

OCOW Diarist Danielle Singh shares the story of her brave heart mother who according to us lives the life of a hero every day! Thank you Madam from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done and we beg you to keep the inspiration coming. We love and admire you Jenny Singh!