So, this about a boy who grew up in an area called Wadala in Mumbai, born to a simple Maharashtrian home where the lady runs the house and the man runs a shop. Now this ‘79 born, around in the 7th or 8th std. of Shri Bansidhar Agarwal Model School, out of young boy curiosity visits a local vyayam shala (local gym in some people’s language) and as he says “from then on he never looked back.” Then began a journey and a dream…called Body Building!
Mumbai city has a whole variety of species and this is one of them! The Builder Log as I like to call them…now this one specially starts developing a kida from a very early age to become one so much so after his 12th, he decided to pursue this education and career option.
His daily sessions at the Wadala Vithal Vyamshala with a trainer called Ravi led him to job as a trainee in a fancy society of fitness freak residents in Andheri, Lokhandwala! Now this good son (and a good Mumbaikar boy) gave his first income to his parents! Awwwwwwww!
This is where he grew turned trainer and gained popularity after he started achieving his own fitness goals and those of his clients.
Clients started flowing in galore…Oh they poured in he says…
My schedule now is very tight nowadays …I start my work day at 6 in Andheri West Lokhandwala in Green Acres have continuous clients till 1. And then I have my workout for almost over 2 hours, and after a little rest the evening clients start pouring in from 5 pm and am finally done by 10 pm.
I manage to squeeze in my meals and short power naps in between. But I really enjoy this as this is my passion. It gives me an immense feeling of pride when I see my clients start getting into shape!
Have you had any success stories …you know like the before after types? We ask him, and he starts listing a long list of guys n gals, men and women, the youngest being 17-18 years olds to almost 60 year old senior citizens, “the older ones take my guidance as I don’t advise them heavy workouts!”
Whether you are a gym freak or a gym geek, he will work out the right program for you, weights, functional, bodybuilding, cardiovascular, circuits, combined with the right food lifestyle and not a diet that you get on to and leave!!
All his clients say he is the best trainer they have ever had, weight loss ho ya 6 pack your target should always be fitness, he tells them!

He has a very soft face but can be very strict and can push you really hard. He even knows if you have cheated…laughs Aamreen, one of his fastest success stories. – Teacher at Vibgyor High School
Aniruddha Saigal brags about him “The best part is he tells us when we can cheat and have our favourite chocolate pastries and even takes us for cheat meals!!” - Student
 I want to share the good experience I have had training with Ashish. He is a great motivator and very dedicated to his profession. Thanks Ashish for making exercise enjoyable! - Alpa Periera – Owner Toujours
Ashish is a fantastic personal trainer , professional and most importantly result oriented. He knows what he’s doing with the fitness programs and diet plans and knows that the latter is 70% of the battle. With Ashish’s help I’ve been able to put on 10 kg and still Fit the trousers from before! He has enabled me to add the right mass in the right places muscle density has gone up and I’m perfectly happy with the outcome. Ashish focuses on technique and not sheer weight lifted. He makes sure that the target muscle is exercised properly. With him you can get through the most strenuous workout laughing because he’s great company and has incredible sense of humour - Siddharth Chaturvedi -  an Investment banker with a leading bank.
Now aisa fitness trainer kisko nahee chahiye, we say!!
What’s your dream, we ask him and he has this dreamy look in his eye and says currently he is targeting winning the Bodybuilding competitions that are held in various Mumbai localities and also started winning. He says he has won the Vasai, Mulund, Santacruz and Vile Parle ones this year 2014.

Ashish Kalokhe

Winner of one of pre Mumbai Shri local competitions!

Now I want the big one next year, he says. It’s called Mumbai Shri. It’s a Mumbai city level Bodybuilding Competition is held every year. In March 2014 was my first time there and I stood 4th. Not bad, we say and Wow, what a cool title! Ain’t it?!

“But the BIG dream is to open my own gym with the works and make people fit,” with a starry gaze in his eyes he confesses!

“Nothing would have been possible without the support of my family, mom who prepares my zillion meals for the day very early in the morning, dad who has the faith in my career choices and my brothers! Their moral support on a daily basis and motivation gets me thru!
The one he counts as his friend and GURU, he says with pride “I will give full credit to Ashish Shreramkar who taught me everything I know, from the business of understanding the human body and all its muscles and am learning even today. I stand here coz of all these people today!”
OCOW has given its Gen NEXT nod and wish him all the dumb bells and belles in in the world! Introducing Mr. Ashish Kalokhe – Participant Mumbai Shri 2014 – (His group stood 4th this 2014)

And this year it gets more interesting! Look out for Ashish Kalokhe at Mumbai Shri this year!

–By Sonal Gadhvi

To contact Ashish, mail him on or call him on+91 9819999217

Pssstt… We also hear he is single!!
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