Born to a South Bombay business family, I have lived a sheltered life with the best of schooling that a young boy growing up in the 80’s on that side of Mumbai, can get. First St. Mary’s laid the foundation and later St. Xaviers College mein BSC Maths. With a deep desire for “phoren” education in USA after my 12th, I explored various universities there, but all in vain! Joint family disputes during those times in Mumbai were the order of the day. The same hit us and I was forced to cut back my US plans and pursue my degree in India along with helping my father in the family business of toys retailing and manufacturing.
Close friendships during college days really rocked our South Bombay life, and the best part of it was frequenting everyone’s favourite 1900’s at the Taj after a customary quarter at Gokul’s (in the back lanes of the Taj at a fraction of the cost), of course, the roadside eatery Bade Miya. These being the favoured outings!
But deep down I have always wanted to pioneer something new and different for the Indian market.

hitme zod-cow-1338-0004a25 years ago, I took a “baby” step towards manufacturing inflatable toys, one of the few manufacturers then. I went on to become OEM supplier to Mattel Toys (the largest toy company of the world) for their Barbie range of Inflatable Chairs for sale in India. life jacketsmall-1049-0002a
I later diversified into promotional inflatables for advertising, which was very new in India and established the brand name. SHAPES.
Today SHAPES is the proud vendor/solution provided for top companies like PEPSI, UNITED BREWERIES and many more who always come back for repeat supplies over the years.
In fact, I can proudly say, I am appointed as preferred vendor by PEPSI for inflatables.
With God’s grace I led a cosy lifestyle and as my business expanded so did my family. Due to space constraints, I had to move to the suburbs of Mumbai. Now when a typical Mumbaite moves to the suburbs, he is bound to get a culture shock but I can now say that I have seen the beauty of Mumbai and its people reflects anywhere. Initially I used the word adapted but both sides of Mumbai have become me.


Today, we are the leading manufacturers of Inflatables in India under this brand umbrella called SHAPES. We call it this ‘coz, we give shape, size and a face to the advertising ideas of our clients. CIMG2427
We enhance brand visibility in a time where there is more clutter and reduces consumer confusion.
Our Product Gallery includes: Product Replicas, advertising blimps and balloons for aerial advertising and all Point of Sale Inflatables, Retail P.O.P. Displays, Inflatable Toys,Gifts, Novelties AND MORE!
Whether it is a larger than life outdoor giant inflatable shape, an inflatable point of sale product replica, PVC inflatables or helium filled flying advertising inflatables, Shapes can provide you with their magical solutions.


By standing out in an otherwise saturated advertising market, SHAPES Inflatables draw customers in a way no other marketing tool can. We can accurately replicate any product as an inflatable, as is proved through our client List:
So if your Product has an immense potential in the consumer market, SHAPES INFLATABLES can further it’s Promotion & awareness – Nationwide. Whether it’s a new product launch or you simply wish to reinforce your brand in the market or increase awareness, then, SHAPES INFLATABLES, it is!
So, if you see a larger than life outdoor giant inflatable shape, an inflatable point of sale product replica, PVC inflatables or helium filled flying advertising inflatables, it’s us at work @ Shapes!
None of this would have been possible, if I did not have a beautiful family or friends who have stood by me through thick and thin. It’s because of them that I am living the Mumbai dream!

- By Chetan Saigal – Owner Shapes Inflatables

Thank you Mumbaikar Chetan Saigal, for sharing your success story with us and we are sure that a lot of us will be inspired by you! Aapne hamare liye lika, hum khushi se phule nahee samaa rahein hain! God Bless you!