Mumbai Heroes - So many people touch our lives and inspire us in so many different ways…the most obvious ones that come to mind … our family n friends! Let’s sing their stories or the less obvious ones who sometime go unnoticed or unappreciated…those brave, kind or inspiring acts or stories that you may wanna share with everyone! Share your story with us on

Main MERA Hero!

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Mumbai …a city of rapes!? No ways! Mumbai is a city of dreams, and not nightmares!! Whether you are a local or a migrant, everyone has or comes here with their “sapna”. We go […]

Mumbai Heroes_ Jenny “Braveheart” Singh

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It was just another work day for me and while getting ready for work i was browsing through Facebook and came across a few obscene images shown on the “Kaaba” on Facebook which as […]

Mumbai Heroes – Silver Lining!

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This city has taken what I had …my pride but returned to me something I had lost…respect for life.
My love for bikes had compelled me to take a joy ride on a junior’s bike.   […]


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