OCOW Diarist Contest Winner

Rebranding Mumbai as a Hotter Destination!

Mumbai ‘A city of dreams’, ‘A city that never sleeps’, ‘The maximum city’…there are many epitaphs for this quintessential buzzling city, where dreams of many who have the vision and the determination are turned into realty. People from all walks of life come here to be a part of the happening crowd with dreams in their eyes and hoping to make it big in this city. As it attracts a lot of people not only from India but also from abroad, and Mumbai being the hub of various activities such as commercial, financial and so on so it would be better to re-brand Mumbai as a hotter tourist destination. It can cater to different needs of people.

A slight planning can make Mumbai a world class place for tourist. There is no dearth of opportunities here for people who want to make it big. It can be a paradise for tourists as it has rich cultural heritage seeped in narrow winding alleys. The alleys of Bandra are perfect for art deco for old world architecture. The architectural marvels in Mumbai is a blend of Gothic, Victorian and contemporary styles. Each old world mansion has a story to tell that can be a great attraction for tourists. Small tours can be organized showing the rich past and this will be a great learning experience for all. These old style houses can teach about culture, customs, architecture and the way of living life. Indian Film Industry is an institution in itself and teaches a lot of things not only about film making but also in other aspects. This can also be made a part tourist hub. The museums of Mumbai depict the cultural history of this city where learning takes an altogether a new meaning. The maximum city has a mix of high rises and small shanties thus adding to the charm. The high rising skyscrapers depict the unlimited dreams of its people and so the city is akin to New York which is famous for its sky reaching high rises. Queen’s Necklace is romance glorified because at night it glitters like a never ending dream and highlights the beautiful and vast sea side. Many love stories are born here every day.

South Mumbai is an amalgamation of architectural marvels with several building reminiscing the past. National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) is also an attraction for fresh talents and tourists alike. Bandra Worli Sea link is an architectural delight for all and a drive down will be remembered for whole life. Prithvi Theater besides its historical significance has a name in itself for its immensely popular plays. This is a must visit for all. For wholesome complete family entertainment Essel World and Adlabs Imagica are excellent option and tourist will never shy away from these. For art aficionados, National Gallery of Modern Art or Jehangir Art Gallery is a haven and a mecca for tourists also. Haji Ali the beautiful dargah is like a dream as it is in the ocean and a walk down the shrine cleanses the soul from deep within with its beauty and piety.

Mumbai is a great place for shopaholics as it is a shopping paradise with branded goods and non branded or local goods equally vying for attention.  Mumbai also offers a great gastronomical delight with food from all around the world. The street food is totally addictive and everybody wanting more and more. High end restaurants and small eateries cater to different strata of people. The climate is conducive to tourists with neither too hot nor too cold climate so that traveling is a pleasurable experience throughout the year. The beaches welcome one and all in every season and commuting here is never an issue. Traveling is easy and cheap and one can safely travel anytime during day or night. Mumbai is a safe city where one can travel as per one’s wish without worrying about safety or transportation. It is well connected to other cities or states and it is aptly titled ‘A city that never sleeps’. For me Mumbai is hotter tourist hub as it encompasses one and all into its charm and makes it her own. Only we need to put in some effort and make the adage true ‘Atitthi Devo Bhava’.

 - OCOW Diarist Contest Winner – Sujata Das