Mumbai has several categories of friends : home friends (the people we grew up around), school friends, college friends, work friends and of course ‘train & bus friends’

Mumbaikars do not need a reason to strike up a conversation with anyone in the next seat, share your life with them, spill out all your deepest darkest problems to them, jointly find solutions or solace, and then when you arrive at your destination – you can go your own merry way without the slightest chance of ever meeting your confidante, your ‘psychotherapist’ ever again. And she will do likewise. Mother-in-law problems, children problems, maid problems, husband problems, household matters all get thrashed out right here.

While working for corporate companies, I used to travel by BEST and local trains where people made friends. The group will have friends from age ranging from 21 year to 63 year old. Some even became couples in love and shared joy. Even after 10 hours of work you see people with more energy when they meet their travel pals. Who said celebrations and cake cutting birthday party can happen only in a secluded and private area with a space of your own. With a gang of commute friends you can see how they celebrate each other’s birthday by cutting cakes and distributing sweets to the daily known passengers.  It is really surprising to see that people who commute daily meet each other, talk among themselves but they don’t even remember each other’s name. Regardless of place, time or circumstance, we create our own stories by choosing what is of beauty and meaning in our lives. I would like to believe that there is no interaction that we have for no reason. That’s what is Mumbai‘s life; it is about being together but still maintaining each other’s privacy.

About ThingsEtc….My story

After 20 years of being part of the corporate world I decided to ditch my well-paying job and find out for myself if being self-employed was the answer to all my prayers. I always knew my life would be incomplete until I at least tried working for myself. To see if I could do it and find out what life would be like without the rules everyone else lives under.

Owl_Sanav1ThingsEtc. is a totally family run and owned business based in Mumbai. I am a mum working from home. In the 2 years prior to ThingsEtc. launching I created and designed ThingsEtc. in my mind. I was always a book marker, I just couldn’t help myself. When I found something unique I saved it to come back too, I mean what if it hadn’t been able to find it again?!


9bbb59f4b089d06ced1bf7b73ffc04e5My specialty is gathering and making unusual gifts and home décor. My friends were always asking for recommendations. I had lots of mini fist pump moments when they then bought those suggested products or someone asked me where I got the present that I bought their child as they wanted to buy one for someone else. I realized there wasn’t a single shop I could guarantee finding delightful gifts or home wares that I could send them. Using the treasured places I spent many years sourcing, I gathered them all in one place where you can shop and checkout in one easy payment.

In case you have a solid idea of what you want, or some random thoughts, we’ll bring it to life using handcrafted designs to make it uniquely You.  We believe in keeping harmony with nature so we promote natural materials with the least impact on the environment making your identity eco-chic.

Felt Shopping Bag

Felt Shopping Bag

We bring you quality not quantity and in doing so we can ensure our customer service and quality of product is maintained at the highest of levels, something we are very proud of.

Always looking to expand our list offerings we now offer an extensive schedule of services for customized gifts, stationery, invitations, kids room décor accessories etc. See how creative you can be with Things Etc.  To know more contact us at or visit us 





Shiv Pic- By Shivkala Mudaliar - aka Shiv - A Mumbaikar by heart and birth, Shiv brings her drive, expertise and professionalism to Things Etc as its Owner. Having worked as an Admin professional for over 20 years with companies like ABN Amro, Standard Chartered Bank, and Nexus Venture Partners, she finally decided to ditch her extremely well paying job to follow her dreams of starting her own venture in crafts and sewing. Shiv’s first sewing lessons were on her father’s machine and gained experiences that would inform her work for years to come. She actively works with NGOs in Thane by doing sewing and craft workshops for differently abled and orphan children.  Shiv aims to make Things Etc a Fair Trade Organization someday.