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We live, eat, sleep, breathe Mumbai…Anything and everything about Mumbai excites us!
You can love Mumbai or you can hate Mumbai but you can’t ignore Mumbai!
Whether you were born and raised here, or migrated from another city, whether you grew up at one end, now living at another, or are prancing all over the city for work or play, or simply not budging from your comfort zone, we each know Mumbai in the same way and in our own special way! These are the wonders of Mumbai!
Living in Mumbai gives us some very interesting perspectives to life…and each one of us has something to say! (Well, that’s more general hahah) but we meant about Mumbai! So why not write about it!!?
We, a couple of Mumbaikars who share a passion about aamchi Mumbai, and this kida to write, have started this.
We decided to write, of the simple small things of living in Mumbai, leaving the bigger issues to the Newshour ;-). We write and you read…but the fun in it was limited! So what’s new, we said!
If we have something to say about Mumbai, so do you!

Let's Talk Mumbai!
Enter as we fondly call it, pura naam – OUR CITY OUR WAY!!
Our City Our Way – Let’s Talk Mumbai
India’s First Weekly “Blog”azine!
Your weekly dose on Mumbai as we all see it, hear it, smell it, feel it!  Of Mumbai, By Mumbai, For ALL!!
OUR CITY OUR WAY is our little internet corner for those who love Mumbai (or hate it!?) naah!! Ok (maybe love to hate it!!?) where we Mumbaikars gather and write about the city that was, is and what we want it to be…. together! Or simply about what it does to us!
What if we gave you a platform to write and share your views or simply talk(we mean write) about Mumbai …and leave our readers, a little thought of Life in Mumbai or about us Mumbai-ites or just your Mumbai experience
How?? We write, You Write, We all write! (By invitation only)
With weekly updates, we will give our readers sufficient time to enjoy what Mumbaikars have to share!!
Read on…Learn about our sections a little more!

OCOW Diaries – Our City Our Way writers’ section! Hamari ankhon se mumbai dekho! Our City Our Way writers’ section.
Weekly read on Mumbai by our special team of OCOW Writers…Only on Mumbai!

Signature BOX – Week on Week, we will invite a special Mumbaikar to share with us their Mumbai angle, for your reading pleasure! Here, we will show of a biggie, maybe even a celebrity, a corporate guru or a local hero, who will write and share their journey, their life, work, family, or simply brag about their neighbor, maid, or dog! They need not be professional “lekhak” types! But it’s gonna be very interesting…keep a watch out for this section! By invitation only!

Mumbai Dreams- Mumbai …a city of dreams! (We are gonna go with this cliché here!
Whether you were born here or came to this city with your bag of dreams, if you have launched your new tiffin service or have been successfully running your textile business, or are an aspiring to be a top model or actor!
Share your success story with akhaa Mumbai… your way! A unique way of sharing your success brand/business story, or simply highlight your product or services here.

OCOW Top 5 - Watch out this space to read about OCOW’s Top 5 (anything) in Mumbai!


Mumbai Heroes- Unsung Heroes of Mumbai…Sung here! Inviting inspiring stories here…So many people touch our lives and inspire us in so many different ways…the most obvious ones that come to mind … our family n friends! Let’s sing their stories or the less obvious ones who sometime go unnoticed or unappreciated…those brave, kind or inspiring acts or stories that you may wanna share with everyone! Mail us today.

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