“Have you heard of this small village Avantipur Badodiya in Shajapur Dist. of Madhya Pradesh? 2500+ population struggling to meet ends and basic needs like power, water, roads. etc. And this is my village’s  present status, you can easily imagine what it must be earlier!
My father Shankarlal Vyas worked in MP Police and opted for an early retirement. I think he was too honest! He resorted to his “pooja paath” & Agriculture.”
“Like any kid growing up where I did, I dreamt of being a doctor but I dropped the idea when I learned about that year’s dreaded Pre Medical Test. I studied hard and got serious about my future. I always wanted to make it BIG! I won my family trust on the basis of my school results. They somehow arranged Rs. 8000/- for my yearly fees which was the highlight and talk of the the town, village actually! With this I was off to Indore to pursue a degree in computers (this time in English Medium)”

raj vyasWe feel this is actually where Raj’s story began!

So here he was, a boy from a hindi medium schooling with a local village boy ruralish accent in this totally new surrounding of the city life and “English speaking” people around him.  Never had he seen a computer in his life and here he was studying BCA at Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies in Indore.
He went on to graduate and also studied further, a P.G. – Master Of Social Work in  Medical & Psychiatry from ISSW Indore. “I studied all the way purely because my family dreamed of me being well educated. I also say this is because by then I had realised that this is not what I wanted to make a career out of!”

And then it happened! One day his friend Vivek, who was an event co-ordinator was having a tense day! When asked what was wrong, he said, ”Problem hai bhai! Kal Honda unicorn Bike ka roadshow hai and my anchor is asking for 400 as his fees!” Raj said “wow yaar!400 for a day’s work is fabulous! Do you think you can u put me into his shoes?” To which Vivek replied, “Do u have any stage or public speaking experience?” I said “Not at all, never been on a stage before, never held a mike before, never even been to or attended any kind of eventor show apart from my village Ramleela!! But I want to do it, I dnnt know why, but I wanna do it!”
Shocked as he was but he agreed and said, “Ok bhai..let’s give it a shot but we will pay you only Rs. 250/- Is that OK!? “Of course, I agreed!” Raj exclaimed excitedly.

“So that’s how I became an Anchor/Compere/Master of Ceremonies in Indore for merely Rs 250/- per day.. I was fortunate enough that Indore’s event companies started noticing my work and started approaching me after that very roadshow!”
“By now I was a professional Anchor and one fine day read in the newspaper that the Zee Group is coming to Indore for ZEE CINE STAR AUDITIONS! I contacted the organiser and offered to host the show but he refused my offer by telling me that they wanted a female host for this. I was disappointed that I missed the big opportunity to host the show but I went ahead and auditioned as a contestant in Zee Cine Star.  I reached the finals and won! Judge POOJA BHATT declared my name as ZEE CINE STAR WINNER of M.P. Then I was all set for Mumbai! “

raj vyas1

Raj woke to up to newspapers covering his story on the front page. Raj was getting famous!
“Because of where I come from and my background a lot of clubs honoured me with prestigious titles as Talent of the year Talent of Indore, Small Town achiever and many more. Well, I also became the Calender Boy of Prabhat Kiran a leading newspaper, “ he shared in a shy tone.
“As a “Wild card entry” from M.P., I came to Mumbai. Although, I did not make it to the next round, I am proud of myself giving it my best shot even with a neck injury. “
Indore became his anchoring playground then. State level competitions, and lot more anchoring. He was getting more and more appreciation, talented that he is.
That’s when he decided to it was time to get out of my comfort zone, to reach higher ground. Mumbai.
Like any other “struggler” who comes to this magical city he did it all. Acting lessons, loads of auditions, followups, et al.

Raj in one of his "PK" Avatars!!

Raj in one of his “PK” Avatars!!

Finally, he bagged a show. One of Shri Adhikari Bros MASTIII TV Launch show-PAK PAK PAKAU- written, acted/anchored/directed all by him. In fact he still holds the position of Mastii TV comedy brand ambassador with other talented artists. He has acted in News Express, a political satire Show LOK PARLOK and anchored Chunav LOK for News Express.
He was also selected for International Presenters Network Training by Richie Litchfield,London and is one from a handful of internationally certified Anchors in India.

“All thanks to Mumbai for accepting me and this city will always be my first Love. I am thankful to God!” he said



raj vyas4Dear OCOW Reader…meet Raj Vyas- Actor, Anchor, VJ. 
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